Friday, 17 August 2018

100 Words Challenge

100 Words Challenge
Learn: I have learn how to improve my writing by writing the things I need help with.

My Current Level
Description of this level
Evidence of this level
Tried a strategy, but it didn’t quite work. I think I know what this narrative is about, but there is some confusion as to the main topic
I always know what I am doing but when it comes to writing I don’t know what it is about.
At least three time organised paragraphs that focused on the best events of the story
When I am writing paragraphs I always have 2 or more paragraphs that are the best writing.
We can follow what’s going on in the story. We could use more details to make it more interesting and help us understand the situation.
When I am writing a story and when I reading it, I think it doesn’t makes sense or I need more details to add in my story.
What is visual imagery? What is vivid language?
When someone is reading my story they ask me questions about my writing and I say “I don’t know.”
Only a one or two sentence conclusion

When I am writing I only have small conclusion.
Surface Features
Has so many grammar or spelling errors that the writing is difficult to follow.

I always put my grammar in the wrong place.

Maths Fractions

Maths Fractions
Learn:Find a unit fractions of a set using addition facts particularly doubles.

This is what I have been learning in maths. So you can see I have been solving fractions during maths time. What I have learnt about factions is that the numerator shows how many of the parts indicated by the denominator are taken. The denominator is the number of parts that is shared into groups.

Early Christians (Lydia)

Learn:I am learning to describe the Early Christians communities stated in Acts 1: 43 - 47

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Character Study Diagram By Helena

Learn: I learn to study a character in the First Ride story. This is a narrative structure. Monica is the main character. 

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Cooking With Helena

Cooking with Helena
Ham and Pasta salad
Today was so fun making ham and pasta salad. I have been waiting in my whole life to learn how to cook ham and pasta salad. The hardest part about cooking the ham and pasta salad is the pasta, I have to wait until the pasta is cooked and it was so boring to wait for the pasta to cook.
Step 1 - Boil the pasta until it's cook
Step 2 - Drain in cold water
Step 3 - Die Tomato, Ham
Step 4 - Add all, tomato,ham,pasta, and mayo
Step 5 - Serve on white bowl, take a photo before you eat
Step 6 - Clean up
Step 7 - Leave