Saturday, 1 April 2017

My Netball Recount

Learning Goal
We are learning to follow a structure of a recount.
My Netball Recount

Every Tuesday we go netball in the morning block. Room 5 is always the first one to go to netball in the morning. After that we have to get into 2 pairs my pair was Silia because I didn’t know which partner to choose.
After that we have to pass to the right then to the left then throw it straight and then game that we were playing was shadow. Then we have to get into 4 groups and our 4 groups was Silia,Fiapo,Chanel and Helena.

The game we were playing to chest passing 1 person has to be in the middle then 2 people has to line facing the person in the middle then the person in the middle has to run sideways and pass the ball when they get to you.

When we were playing the game we were play another game we have to remember our number and my number was 9 and we have to run and get the ball fast then we have to pass it to
Them when they come to you.

Later on that day we swapped around because the other netball hoop was too high for us. Then we had to say bye to the coach and then we went back to class.