Thursday, 31 August 2017

My Silent Reading

Today I read from page (28-40)
This is what happened.
A person who lived in a Ant City she was going to live in a another city because in Ant City there are heaps or mean and nasty people there. Everyone in the Ant City was sad because she was the best Ant in the city. After that it was time to go and everyone in the Ant City was chasing her because they didn't want her to go and live the City.
Image result for a brat called annie

What My Number???

Learning Goal
I am learning that numbers can be shown in many different ways.

I can show in my presentation some of the different ways my number can be recorded.

My favourite way is making up a word problem.

I’m still learning about Word Problems so this one was the hardest for me to do.

Typing Speed Test

Learning Goals
I am practising my typing so I can be quicker and more accurate.

This will help me finish my work faster.

On Monday my WPM result was 57 and today it is 65.
I have been practising so my result is higher and I can type quicker.

Prototec Timed Monday-Friday

Learning Goal
I am testing how quickly I can remember my Basic Facts.

I need to remember my Basic Facts because they are the knowledge I need to help me with strategies to solve Maths problems.

On Monday I got 57/60. I got the addition facts to 10 wrong and the subtraction facts to 10 wrong. On Friday I got 48/60 because I now understand my patterns to 10 for addition and subtraction.